Your child belongs in the mud puddle:

Oakiwear is growing. We are enjoying the beginnings of a wonderful and lasting relationship with a passionate consumer base; Parents.

Oakiwear is here to solve one problem: The lack of kid’s outdoor wear that is made with the same quality and attention as adult outdoor wear. Yes, a giraffe head might be cute on the hood of your kid’s rain jacket, but would you let them roll in the mud with it on? Probably not.

animal-raincoat-for-kids-children-s-raincoat-150x150 Your child will be better off having rolled in the mud a few times growing up. It will make them tougher. They will TRULY understand and appreciate the outdoors having rolled in the best stuff mother earth has to offer.

You can trust Oakiwear to do everything else all the other brands promise to do: but we also offer this promise. Your child will not want to take our gear off.

20 years from now, your grown child will thank you for introducing them to the outdoors. Oakiwear is here to help you make that introduction now. We love the outdoors. Your child can too. Don’t limit your child by giving them outdoor wear that KEEPS them out of mud puddles (Cue the picture of a giraffe coat). Give your child the good stuff.


Fall is here! Get your kids rain coats and kids rain pants today




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  • Jessica @ Bring The Kids Reply

    SO TRUE! Thanks for making awesome gear that keeps my kids clean and cuts down on my laundry!

    August 19, 2013 at 3:08 PM

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