300 Series Polartec® Fleece Jacket, Blue/Gold (Sizing Runs Small, Recommend Sizing Up) 300 Series Polartec® Fleece Jacket, Blue/Gold (Sizing Runs Small, Recommend Sizing Up)

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Product Features

Oaki’s Polartec® 300 Series Fleece is a premium fleece jacket made with 100% recycled 300-weight polyester fleece. The 300-weight fleece provides the ultimate in performance with the highest weight and resiliency available. 

Oaki fleece jackets utilize state of the art recycled polyester yarns that disperse moisture, speed up dry times, resist pilling, and yet are breathable and incredibly soft. The lofted structure of the fleece fabric creates thermal air pockets that efficiently retain warmth without excess weight.

Oaki has partnered with Polartec® to bring a level of performance generally reserved for high-end functional adult products to your child’s wardrobe—all for an affordable price.

The newest addition to the Oaki apparel line is a must have for any outdoor explorer.

Both 200 and 300 weighted styles are available. We recommend the 300 weight for extremely cold climates and longer days outside in the cold. For most situations, the 200 weight performs perfectly. Depending on the climate, the 300-weight jackets may provide more warmth than desired! 

Additional Features Include:

YKK zippers

Cross stitching and reinforcement liner for added strength

Zipper garage

Fleece lined pockets with secure YKK zipper close

Collared neck for warmth and comfort

OAKI’s 12-month warranty

-16 Degrees ARF Certified Rating 

Triple Lined Pockets (only on 300 series) 

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