Kids Rediscovering the Outdoors


A dirt clod. Hopefully every kid has held one, and depending on the their parents, thrown one. Their is nothing like the good old days of make believing outdoors. Now video games tell kids how to think, so it’s easier to stay inside and play video games than it is to go outside and experience real life.

My views on video games may seem a little harsh, but the point is that kids are losing an important connection with the outdoors. It is a place away from the troubles of life. Every parent understands the bliss that comes from waking up with the sun on an overnight camping trip. You don’t get WIFI and the nearest town is 20 miles away. Total bliss.

Oakiwear was created to fill a void in children’s outdoor apparel  Sue Simper, the founder of Oakiwear, couldn’t find gear that allowed her rambunctious boys to truly express themselves in the outdoors, i.e. rolling in mud and jumping into puddles.

The Oakiwear wader and rain suit solves that problem. You, the parent, no longer have to worry about keeping your kid dry. He/she will stay dry.

Dads, who had to previously keep their kids on the shore while they fished, can now bring their kids with them into the stream and fish, TOGETHER. Also, dads love sit when his little girls can set the duck decoys for him.  SEE ABOVE.

Nothing is better than “being like dad.”

We are giving kids a reason to reconnect with the outdoors, and also giving parents a way to reconnect with their kids.






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