Hike It Baby – Title Sponsorship

Hike It Baby – Title Sponsorship

In late 2014, I had the opportunity to meet Shanti, founder of Hike It Baby. We were both in the early stages of growth, but we recognized huge potential in what the other was doing.

Since that conversation, Oakiwear and Hike It Baby have experienced incredible growth.

Now in 2016, Oakiwear is proud to be a Title Sponsor of Hike it Baby.

The mission of Hike it Baby is everything Oakiwear is about:


If you’ve been on a hike with Shanti, you will know that there is much more to HIB then just going on a hike. Just to name a few:

• Comradery
• Friendship
• Life Support
• Motivation
• Life Skills
• Personal Health

Not only do we sponsor HIB, but we recommend anyone of our followers to find a HIB satellite near you and go on a hike with them. HIB is in every major city in the US, so there is likely one near you.

If you need quality affordable gear for your kids obviously we would be happy to help. For hiking with kids, its important that they stay warm and dry. Our one-piece rain suits are now used by many HIB kids, along with our kid’s rubber rain boots, perfect for a hike in the rain.

We currently have a major discount sale on Kids rubber rain boots for $16.99, running through April 15 (TAX DAY!)

If you are looking to get gear, reach out to your local HIB rep, as Oakiwear also has an exclusive coupon code for HIB folk.

Happy Trails!

-Ben, GM

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