End of Summer is Not the End of Outside Exploration It’s Only the Begining

The dog days of summer have now passed and streets are quiet while children are at school. With kids being in so many activities these days, in addition to school, unstructured outside play time has taken a back seat. Summer is about the only time of the year kids have for this precious learning time of make believe and sword fighting.

With little to no recess at schools, there is no longer a time for them to “release” their inner creative through unstructured play time.

With summer at an end, does that mean kids are doomed for the next 9 months? No way.

I would encourage you to read this blog post from Bring the Kids on “Balancing  School and Outdoor Play.” One of the general themes from the blog is that kids should get outside after dinner, even if it is for only 10-20 mins. That time will help your children reset and settle down after a day of multiplication tables and spelling tests.

Good luck to you parents this coming school year.



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