Black Neoprene Trail Gloves Black Neoprene Trail Gloves

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Product Features

Our New Trail glove is the perfect outdoor glove for kids. The all neoprene design is soft and flexible. Neoprene gloves are not seam sealed, so water does enter some. But since they are neoprene, they warm hands up like a wetsuit, allowing kids to get their hands wet while fishing, hunting, or just playing around in the water, keeping them nice and warm. They are well made, and stretchy for growing hands.

  • Elastic wrist strap with Velcro adjusts easily for snug fit.
  • Soft and flexible all neoprene fabric to help with dexterity
  • Perfect for keeping little hands warm while getting wet!
  • 3 sizes: ages 2-3, ages 4-6 and ages 7-11


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