Celebrating Mother’s Day with a hike

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and while it seems we should be honoring moms more than once a year, this is a good time to express our gratitude for all they do.

Growing up, Mother’s Day was always started with breakfast in bed for my mom. My sisters and I would wake up extra early to cut fruit, pour juice and clip some fresh flowers to deliver to our mom, with our dad’s supervision of course. After breakfast my mom almost always requested to go on a hike as a family. These hikes weren’t always met without resistance from me and my sisters, but we would eventually come around and enjoy ourselves. Hiking as a family was a great way for us to spend time outdoors and helped us learn to appreciate nature.


Oakiwear is lucky to be located in the great Pacific Northwest. There are many options when it comes to hiking around the NW. Some of our staffs’ favorite hiking areas include the Columbia River Gorge, Forest Park and Mt. Saint Helens. So, our (unsolicited) advice if you don’t have Mother’s Day plans, is to pack up the kids, throw together a picnic lunch and find a hike to take as a family. You won’t regret it. And if you decide to take our advice, send us a picture of your adventure!

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