Our new kids rain jackets will be arriving in a few weeks. We are so excited to receive them, that we wanted to give you a sneak peak of our beautiful photoshoot and show you how awesome they are – keep checking back at oaki.com to be the first to get yours!



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Does your Child’s Behavior Change Outdoors?

Ever notice the behavior change of your child once they go outside?

Of course you have, at least I hope you have.

Upon taking our four kids out for a hike this Labor Day, I noticed the behavior change as soon as entered the forest. You could sense the wonder and awe in their eyes.

They spoke less, and observed more.

They complained less, and laughed more.

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Making Summer Vacations Fun for Children
Sometimes parents struggle with planning a fun vacation for the whole family. They wonder why their kids aren't having any fun visiting a lighthouse or the largest peanut monument in the world. If I were a kid, those activities would sound kind of lame.
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Hike It Baby – Title Sponsorship

In late 2014, I had the opportunity to meet Shanti, founder of Hike It Baby. We were both in the early stages of growth, but we recognized huge potential in what the other was doing.

Since that conversation, Oakiwear and Hike It Baby have experienced incredible growth.

Now in 2016, Oakiwear is proud to be a Title Sponsor of Hike it Baby.

The mission of Hike it Baby is everything Oakiwear is about:


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Two years ago, with only a few pallets of inventory, we moved into a warehouse we thought was too big. Two years later we were bursting at the seams!

We’ve now moved down the road to a new home, three times the size of the old one. I see some empty space like the old warehouse, but I’ve learned that the empty space will soon be filled with fantastic product that will help our young explorers spend more time outdoors.

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We are enjoying the last few weeks of summer here in the Pacific Northwest. The heat has certainly died down and the cooler temps are making their way in. School has started for some and for others, there is still time to get a few last minute things together. While we love fall, summer is a hard season to say goodbye to. So, we have made a list of different ways to soak up the last bit of summer while we can!

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A big thank you to all who participated in our fun cool treat photo contest! Congratulations to Bethany Bishop- she sent in the randomly chosen winning picture!


Stay tuned for our next photo contest- puddle jumping- coming later this year!

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As we’ve mentioned before, this summer has been one of the hottest on record here in the Pacific Northwest. Gone are the days when summer meant a pleasant 75 degrees. The new normal seems to be about 10 degrees warmer and with more frequent heat waves. Starting tomorrow the 10-day forecast has temps in the 90’s.

Needless to say we are becoming experts at finding ways to stay cool. Did we mention we have no AC in our warehouse?!

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This week has been a big one for Oakiwear. On Tuesday we received our biggest shipment ever- a truckload of 26,000 rubber rain boots! Fitting since we are headquartered in the rainy Pacific Northwest right?!

It was an all hands on deck day as we spent a solid 5 hours just unloading the truck. There were boxes as far as the eye could see. Luckily we had enlisted a few sets of extra hands (and muscles) to help out.

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